An Internal Compass

image courtesy of Educational Technology Clearinghouse

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been places. No, not big, exciting places – East coast heavy-hitters, perhaps – but nothing too flashy. I was in Philly for a few days, and Charlottesville for few, as well, yet all while lacking any sense of direction. You may recall that my own instinctive compass leaves much … Continue reading

Challenged, Directionally Speaking


Yes, I’m directionally challenged. You can ask my family, ask my friends, but I’ll be the first to admit it. Honestly, you’d think I’d have a better track record. I’ve lived in the same area, on the same street, all my life. Born in Elkton, Maryland, but a Delaware native, my family’s home is in … Continue reading

Careful, for the Days are Evil

The beginning. This is mine on WordPress. I have to admit – at the current moment, I’m entirely uninspired. Where to go with this blog, what to write. But the idea is to jump in, right? Isn’t that what this life is about? Throw caution to the wind, a bit? Go out on a limb? … Continue reading