Careful, for the Days are Evil

The beginning. This is mine on WordPress.

I have to admit – at the current moment, I’m entirely uninspired.

Where to go with this blog, what to write.

But the idea is to jump in, right? Isn’t that what this life is about?

Throw caution to the wind, a bit? Go out on a limb?

Take a leap of faith.

While I have no idea where this will go, the idea, for now, is merely to begin.

In a small way, this is me being careful, for the days are evil, and I alone am the steward of my own time.

2 Responses to “Careful, for the Days are Evil”
  1. Carrie says:

    Janie, I had no idea you had a blog! I love it so far and I will put it in my Google reader so I can keep up with new posts.

    • Janie Sikes says:

      It’s a new endeavor =) Right now I’m just trying to set things up, but will actually be writing on it soon! Love yours, too – you always have great ideas!

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