Overcoming the Giants

For those of you who have seen my Twitter updates or noticed some of my wall posts on Facebook, it may have been apparent to you that I am increasingly interested in the life of a certain Mark Herzlich.Perhaps it went unnoticed, but if it had, in fact, caught your eye, you may have pondered … Continue reading

The Caribbean Photo Post

It’s probably evident from the photos, but to be very clear, I was not the photographer of this trip, so at this point in time, I’m just posting some of what’s been made available to me; in other words, the following photos have already made it into the facebook sphere! Hopefully, I’ll be able to … Continue reading

Caribbean Travels

Balcony and Flag of Puerto Rico by QT Luong

Well I’ve been away. In truth, that’s not the only reason for my blogging absence – apparent lack of motivation certainly contributed. Still, I have been a bit more than merely out-of-town and was in the Caribbean, in fact. Clichè, perhaps, to vacation in that region of the world, but it was absolutely lovely, and … Continue reading