Caribbean Travels

Well I’ve been away.

In truth, that’s not the only reason for my blogging absence – apparent lack of motivation certainly contributed. Still, I have been a bit more than merely out-of-town and was in the Caribbean, in fact. Clichè, perhaps, to vacation in that region of the world, but it was absolutely lovely, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go.

For me, Puerto Rico held many highlights.

While the natural scenery was certainly breathtaking, the time spent with friends and loved ones made the trip most memorable. Through reading, photo editing, and other pursuits, we acted independently of one another at times, yet on the whole truly enjoyed each others’ company, even in our nondescript, daily activities.

Coupled with the general state of relaxation that we fostered, here’s my quick list of favorites, which will likely be expounded upon in pending entries –

  • Snorkel trip, especially swimming through a school of vibrant blue tang
  • Horseback riding, sighting unusually brilliant birds along the trail
  • Luquillo Beach, enjoying the tranquil teal and blue ocean
  • Old San Juan, taking in the architecture at night
  • First-class flight home, savoring the cheesecake

It may be just a taste of my vacation for now, but I have every intention of further recounting my trip and sharing a host of photographs, as well! Until then, cuidate!

One Response to “Caribbean Travels”
  1. Lisa Donovan says:

    Welcome home! I’ll look forward to hearing more when I see you! Love you girl!

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