Waiting on Irene

The Rain Storm in Black and White in Ulm, Germany, courtesy of sayduce.blogspot.com

It seems as though we’re still waiting. After midnight, yet we’re still waiting for the full effect of Irene’s fury. Sure, it’s been raining all day and we’ve hunkered down in our basements during the tornado warnings, as well, but we’re still waiting. The power’s still on – waiting for it to go out. The … Continue reading

Tonight, Tonight

In a raw and quite limited sense, my goals for this summer were simple – 1. Have fun. 2. Make money. Granted, I had other less egocentric things in mind, too, but those were two of the big ones and, quite frankly, not all bad in my opinion, either. Sometimes, I think it really is … Continue reading

Ode to Charlottesville

At long last, this is my “Ode to Charlottesville” – and to career plans, too, if I’m being perfectly honest. Yet we know that plans change. We’ve all learned that by now. (Or not – if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. Maybe your life will keep chugging along at the speed you’ve planned, and you’ll … Continue reading

James Dean & the Silver Screen

photo of James Dean courtesy of Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans

Yes, we have Netflix. It’s in my dad’s name, so he mans our household queue; of course, this really makes sense when you know how few nights my brother and I are actually around, or if you’ve ever watched a movie with my mom (that would be half a movie, since that’s all the industrious … Continue reading