Full Swing

photo courtesy of Favim.com

Yes, I am alive. And either fortunately or unfortunately – or, more likely, a bit of both – senior year is in full swing.

Though I’m a Blue Hen forever now, as a former transfer student, I’m doing some serious catch-up work.

Which really means I’m taking nothing but Communication courses this semester.

And as Communication students, we write. Papers based on theories. Papers based on interviews. Exams based on theories. Exams based on case studies. Responses to case studies. Responses to everything that we can respond to as Public Relations students.

Of course, we write some more, too. We write media releases and fact sheets and public service announcements.  It’s all about writing and researching and “questing,” as one professor calls it.

But you know what – it’s working. All this writing and processing and responding and producing and interpreting – it’s working.

Here I am, in this crash-course semester, and I’m learning. I’m getting it. I’m figuring out what PR means and looks like. And as much as I sometimes wish I had been an English major (my GPA would have thanked me!), I kind of like all this.

It’s crazy. We’re crazy. But I’m finally beginning to accept that maybe I can make this work for my life. I’m finding that the things that I know and understand aren’t just common knowledge. I’m starting to realize that I’ve been taught, trained, and conditioned, and that I am competent.

So maybe this whole thing will work out after all. This fall semester hasn’t been what I expected. It’s been a bit bumpy and a little off-kilter. But it’s working and I’m working. I’m working towards something.

Of course, I’m not there yet, and now is no time to jump off my swing. So for now, like so many others, I’m just pumping my legs and holding on tight.

2 Responses to “Full Swing”
  1. Abby Stollar says:

    So happy to hear! You are super talented 🙂 Keep pumping!

  2. Bekah Groop says:

    “Pumping my legs and holding on tight.”I love that! I feel like I say that to myself daily and I’ve still got 6 more semesters of college come the end of Fall ’11. It seems so far away and the idea of actually being what I set out to be seems silly when it feels like all I’m doing is trying to get through the next quiz, the next paper, the next exam. But I know eventually the pieces will fall together. You’re such a great writer! I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂

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