Should Luck Exist

Perhaps I should be concerned.

As all American children learn, I assume, I, too, am aware that black cats are unlucky; especially if they are entirely black, and most especially if they cross the road before you. Should it be a surprise that one crossed my path today, while I was out driving? Should it heighten one’s concern that I was also nearly at the cemetery, where my grandparents were buried years ago? Were I superstitious, it should seem that I would be quite perplexed to see a new year commence upon this sighting!


Or, rather, is a new year truly a new start, of sorts, beyond what our culture dictates? Were I superstitious, could the feline have been a dark remnant of last year, and not of the one to come?

There were good moments this year, to be sure, but I can’t say that I’ll be sad to see it go. We’ve said it before, but we told ourselves that next year would be better. So we’re saying it again. This year wasn’t all bad, certainly, but next year will be better.

Next year, we’ll have fun. Next year, we’ll work hard. Next year, we’ll be happy for the year that’s passed, and perhaps not so welcoming of the one to come.

Our lives aren’t normal. And despite the blessings, the good times, and the growth that we’ve seen in our lives, we wouldn’t have wished this.


I shall not tell you to dream. I won’t; not this year. I don’t remember how to dream, so I won’t advise it to you. When I remember, perhaps my instructions will change. For now, live. Just live. Read more books. Make time for your friends. Loosen up. Cherish your family. Live, sans the glitz of resolutions and banalities.

And, mostly, understand that there is middle ground; there is gray in our lives that lies between the good and the bad that we’ve experienced.

While I am hardly superstitious to say the least, if one of us must be unlucky, it can be me. You, go ahead and live your life. Enjoy it, and make memories out of it. You never know what the next year may bring, though we hope it will be nothing but the best.


One Response to “Should Luck Exist”
  1. Beautiful post, Janie! Love the way you look at things. May 2012 bring all the best for you! Happy New Year!

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