Forever Young

Photo by Barry Feinstein. Bob Dylan, Aust Ferry, Aust, England, 1966.

  Incredibly, this month has truly escaped me. It’s been busy. It’s been productive. It’s been good. All-in-all, it’s been good.     I’ve rung in the New Year with anticipation, eager to leave 2011 behind. I’ve begun, endured, and now nearly completed Winter Session. I’ve learned about climate processes and minerals and geological hazards. … Continue reading

The Connecting Piece

Oftentimes, I write when I can. I wish I wrote more, but as we all know, life gets busy. Consequently, my aim is to begin writing about what I’ve been dwelling on that week, to a certain extent. My inspiration for that week, we could call it. Books. Films. Music. Places. People. Thoughts.     … Continue reading

Two, A Pair

Today, it’s been a — It’s been two years. Sometimes, those two feel like long ones, but not always. I can’t always say that it’s been a long two years. Lately, it just feels like Two years. Combined, they make a unit, of sorts. One would cease to exist without the other. As old lovers … Continue reading