The Connecting Piece

Oftentimes, I write when I can. I wish I wrote more, but as we all know, life gets busy. Consequently, my aim is to begin writing about what I’ve been dwelling on that week, to a certain extent.

My inspiration for that week, we could call it.
Books. Films. Music. Places. People. Thoughts.


It’s all connected, on some level. Hopefully, I’ll find – or more accurately, recall – the me that I like, aside from my daily routine or the tasks awaiting me.

This may look different. You’ll likely see more images. More captioned writing. More song lyrics. More excerpts from books. These are things I like.

I love sayings and quotes and pretty pictures. I like sparkly and glamorous and intelligent and deep. I sort of like it all, which you may or may not know.


I’ll still write; I know I will. However, there’s a world that informs my thoughts, so I’m going to try to incorporate it all. Subsequently, I may post more frequently. I’m not sure.

And no, I’m not moving mountains here. I’m aware of that. I just thought I’d explain the change, if it’s even noted.

We’ll just have to see what happens. Like life, writing is a journey.

And the road is rarely ever straight.


3 Responses to “The Connecting Piece”
  1. Writing Jobs says:

    Excellent post today. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it very much.

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  2. Lisa says:

    The change will be noticed and we’ll be eager to read and see.

  3. Levi Sikes says:

    Right on, and excellently stated. I am trying to adopt the same “long-view” for my blog. Without featuring these bits of lived life that don’t necessarily take on the devotional/essay form of my current posts, will I be able to sustain a blog even beyond a couple months? It’s exactly as you described it–“there is a world that informs my thoughts.” Both of our blogs might need to become more like a walking-journal and less like a deep-sea diving log.

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