On March

Even when I’m sad – and devastated – there’s a part of me that remains hopeful.

There’s the part of me that whispers, “God is still good. He will still take care of you, Janie.”

Without that hope, all would be lost. I would have nothing.

I have to believe that it’s also dangerous to have regrets. Especially in the case of losing a loved one, feelings of regret can lead to guilt. As often as possible, make choices that won’t lead to feelings of regret. If you’ve wronged another, make it right.

Regrets exist when we feel we failed in some way – we regret it when we have failed another, ourselves, or our God, and we don’t make amends or repent and move on. Don’t let regret control your life. No one wants to live with a guilty conscience.



One Response to “On March”
  1. Ray Sikes says:

    Janie, you are very wise and wonderfully concise here, too.

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