Bursts of energy. Bursts of light. Bursts.


Jonathan and I are experiencing a burst. Perhaps it was the twelve hours or so of sleep that we both got within the past twenty-four hours. Perhaps it was a general disgust over a day or two of apparent apathy.

Or, better yet, perhaps it was a true burst of glorious energy. Either way, it’s now 1:44 in the morning, Central Standard Time, and Jonathan has gone on a food run. More specifically, he’s gone to procure humus. You know, he’s hungry now, but it’s also food insurance. In the event that we happen to retain this skewed eating-sleeping-waking schedule tomorrow, he would like to ensure that there is already food in the fridge that he would like to eat. Apparently steamed vegetables, pasta, and fresh fruit won’t cut it, and he’s probably correct in thinking we’ll perpetuate our odd hours. Afterall, neither of us are morning creatures by nature, and we are both currently unemployed.


Ah, it bites! Unemployed.

I’m working beyond that word. To be fair, it is our first full week here in Tennessee, so I’m having to tell myself that it’s really alright to be unemployed. I must be fair to myself, and besides —

Today was wonderful. It was a burst. A little laundry. A little cleaning. A little food-preparing. A few more items on the walls, to claim this as our home.


So here we are. Recording a few lines. Tapping out a few words. Creating things, of some nature, in our home.

There are far worse things we could be doing, so I intend to embrace this slight interruption from professional work and see it as an opportunity for bursts.


Bursts of whatever comes our way.

2 Responses to “Bursts”
  1. Ray Sikes says:

    Keep bursting, sweet Janie. I’ll keep praying for a job! You are missed, but I know you are where you are supposed to be.

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