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I am Janie, and I have learned.

I have learned that changed plans are often evidence of how incredible grace can be.
I have learned that having courage may mean doing the very things that you once thought were crazy.

I am Janie, and I am learning to finally embrace life.


What you may learn, through my writing, is a bit about yourself. Perhaps you’ll relate to the words set before you in a manner that you had not anticipated. Perhaps you’ll be able to identify a common, emotional identifier as something that you, too, have felt before. Afterall, different and unique as we each are, one from another, we were all created by the same God Who knows us.


Finally, you may learn that my life changed significantly, in more ways than one. You will learn that my name is no longer Janie Sikes, and that I no longer live on the East Coast. My life is certainly no novelty, but I hope, in some way, you glean from my writings. Thank you, most sincerely, for investing your time with me.



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One Response to “About & Contact”
  1. Charles Jenkins says:

    Ms. Sikes:

    In random twitter surfing, I came across the video of your comments at Joe’s service. I was so moved and touched by your heartfelt feelings and inner strength. You have inspired me in my Christianity. You are a shining example of the power of the Lord. I have been away from the faith for a while and I feel the Lord used that video to speak to me. All from random twitter surfing about the UD womens team to get fired up for the game today.. Go HENS.. !! I usually dont do things like this but just felt led to share how your witness has spoken to me. Best of luck in school and in the future

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