Close to My Heart

No, I wasn’t blogging, but I was letting our friends know what was happening in our lives. These are the messages that chronicled much of Joe Feeley’s journey through his battle with cancer, written by me and sent to the Beating the Odds: Prayers for J. Feeley Facebook group. Since their primary purpose was to inform, some are merely brief bulletins, while others are riddled with emotion. Regardless, they were part our story. Now, they are part of mine…


Chemo, 1-31-10

Not Much to Say…Yet, 2-1-10

Strength, 2-6-10

Hospital, 2-9-10

Blood Counts & Driver’s Licenses, 2-11-10

Close Cuts, 2-15-10

Celebrate & Eat Mor Chikin’, 2-22-10

Life Stuff, 3-8-10

Telethon, 3-9-10

Sunny Days Ahead, 3-25-10

Twice As Good, 4-12-10

Like Eagles, 4-24-10

Fundraiser for Joe – May 25th, 5-24-10

Please Be Praying for Joe, 5-26-10

Victory, 6-17-10

Blue Rocks for Joe on Sat, July 17, 7-10-10

If you can’t say something nice…, 7-18-10

Nine, 10-6-10

Telethon Time!, 3-15-11

Love is Still a Worthy Cause, 4-13-11


strip photo / Rehobeth Beach boardwalk / spring 2010



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