The Jetty


  “Can we go home now,” she asks. “No, let’s at least go to the jetty.”   The jetty. The jetty, the jetty, the jetty. The jetty. We’ll go to the jetty.   They turn around. They re-route towards home. Towards a beach home. I stay. I remember.   The jetty. I walk beyond the … Continue reading

Living Old While Being Young


  As my feet carried me around the corner, towards that familiar final quarter, so my thoughts had carried me. This realization came between “Stronger” and “Some Nights, so I was probably pounding a little harder, running a little faster.   I was thinking. I was remembering that in fact, years ago, I felt as … Continue reading


Source: Personal Files - Joe Feeley

Last summer, you were away. I listened to Tom Petty a lot then. I spent a lot of time alone, listening to Tom Petty then. I like a lot of his songs. Obviously, “Free Fallin’” is a tried and true standard. But “Wildflowers” – I found that I loved “Wildflowers.”   Petty feels like summer. … Continue reading

Long Live

Source: Personal FIles - Joe Feeley

Going about my life, a song reminds me of you. I don’t knew if you ever knew this, and I can’t ask you now. You know that I was in the car alone a lot during my junior year. In the car, I used to think. I thought a lot, as always. My thoughts weren’t … Continue reading

Sometimes, I Let Myself

Sometimes, I let myself be upset. Not everyone will understand this notion. Some may condemn me for it. Some may attempt to reason me out of it. Some may spiritualize it.   Sometimes, I let myself be upset. Sometimes, I lose my will. Sometimes, I want to be alone. Sometimes, I don’t want to talk. … Continue reading

Two, A Pair

Today, it’s been a — It’s been two years. Sometimes, those two feel like long ones, but not always. I can’t always say that it’s been a long two years. Lately, it just feels like Two years. Combined, they make a unit, of sorts. One would cease to exist without the other. As old lovers … Continue reading