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Last summer, you were away. I listened to Tom Petty a lot then. I spent a lot of time alone, listening to Tom Petty then. I like a lot of his songs. Obviously, “Free Fallin’” is a tried and true standard. But “Wildflowers” – I found that I loved “Wildflowers.”   Petty feels like summer. … Continue reading

Tonight, Tonight

In a raw and quite limited sense, my goals for this summer were simple – 1. Have fun. 2. Make money. Granted, I had other less egocentric things in mind, too, but those were two of the big ones and, quite frankly, not all bad in my opinion, either. Sometimes, I think it really is … Continue reading

Caribbean Travels

Balcony and Flag of Puerto Rico by QT Luong

Well I’ve been away. In truth, that’s not the only reason for my blogging absence – apparent lack of motivation certainly contributed. Still, I have been a bit more than merely out-of-town and was in the Caribbean, in fact. Clichè, perhaps, to vacation in that region of the world, but it was absolutely lovely, and … Continue reading